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To inspire a New American Revolution through support of all things American, to fight the attack on the 1st and 2nd Amendment, & to lift America up by connecting conservative American’s to the companies that share their values!

This is a movement whose time has come!


Hello Friends, Family and fellow Patriots.

You have this invite as a call to action from Jeff Cline. I know the leadership of this group personally, have spent many meals and hours with them!

(You know all the countless hours &  weeks I have been spending in Florida???)

I know their heart and believe that this is truly an opportunity not to miss.

If you choose to come alongside me in this program at any level I will be proud to help you in any way I can.

You can call me any time, and together we can help make a difference!


You will be required to pay for the platform $25.00 set up and locked in $15.00 month during this “SPECIAL INVITE” foundation period once you take that step. (Limited )

If I sent this to you personally, we have probably had a long conversation about why and how it has all come together and this is it. Check out on this page tell me you’re in. You will get access to a private link and let’s get to the business of building something special together.

I am not going to bug you or send you any more information.

This is your notice: please do not ask me in 6 to 12 months how to get in on the “Founders Deal”  when this BLOWS UP and it will.

By design it does not work that way, so even if I wanted to I cant! Sorry!

Revenue Opportunity:

This is probably why I sent this to you because we have had long conversations about money and business! I will tell you from my experience that any opportunity that will allow me to spend some time today for money every month in the future is all I focus on for business success. THIS IS THAT! You are going to be using this platform in the future when all your friends are on it, so you might as well be the one who reaps the benefit!

I am going to help you make the most out of this opportunity by leveraging my last 20 years of experience and will be providing you additional resources over the next few months that will help you take this to the next level and make it a real business!

Questions you are going to ask:

  1. Should I get my kids/family/friends involved? YES! Show them how to create real income, so they are not dependant on the government.
  2. Should I do one for my spouse? I had Kim sign up, and I signed up under her as well as my adult children!
  3. Do I have to own a business? No you can get started but it will probably become one in the future so save some of your income for future business opportunities.
  4. Can you help me get new members? YES, I will give you access to tools I have used for 20 years to help you leverage this opportunity once you show your making this a real business!
  5. Is it guaranteed? NO, always risk but give it 6 months…we actually have a way that it can really be free if you just save very little success.
  6. Is this full-time? NO, you should be able to get started, and I suggest you do until the BIG FLIP & EXIT!

American Unlimited BIG FLIP &  EXIT?

This is the day you realize the American dream your passive income EVERY MONTH is projected to bring in more than your 9-5 job! This is when you FLIP to financial FREEDOM and do the “BIG EXIT” out of that job!

I want success for all my friends and family!

I want you to have more time for mission trips!

I want you to set your own schedule, be your own boss!

Please pray about this, think about it and make the best decision for you and your family!





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